Frequently Asked Questions

About Personally Curated Vintage Treasure Boxes

What is this?
Shown is an example of a Personally Curated Vintage Treasure Box (PCVTB).  One of a kind, each treasure box contains an assortment of items suited to the individual client from their Personal Preferences Profile.

Are these items for sale?  Do I Buy The Box Shown?
Yes and no. 
The items shown in the photos represent the kinds of items that are included in our treasure boxes. These particular items will not be included.

How are the boxes sold?
Treasure boxes may be bought as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.
Tiered membership plans are available for shipping three times a year, six times a year, or monthly for one year,
Each plan has two box values to select from.


How much does a box cost?
Each plan duration has two box values to select from.  
Our Large Personally Curated Treasure Box is $99.95,

          our Small Box is $69.95

Non-curated boxes vary in price
Plan costs are substantially reduced with the duration of the subscription

What is in the box?
The products in a curated box will be approximately two times the cost of each item if purchased separately.  Meaning, when $60 is paid for a box, the retail value of the contents will be approximately $120.
Treasure boxes generally have one or two higher priced items to begin the theme of the box. Curation continues with complimentary items until the required box value is met. 

How do you know what I like, what I want?
Upon purchase of a Personally Curated Vintage Treasure Box, you will be emailed a Personal Preference Profile (PPP).
Your PPP will ask about you, your preferences, styles, color palates, to which area of your home you wish to add vintage touches, and so on. 

We welcome your feedback and are always willing to work with you to make sure your Treasure Box pleases you in every way.

Purchases of  Curated (not Personally) and Non-Curated boxes do not require a Personal Preference Profile.

What about shipping?
Free shipping to the Continental USA. 
Alaska, Hawaii, and International Shipping are available - a Paypal Invoice for estimated shipping will be emailed 2 weeks prior to the scheduled shipment date.  
Any overage will be kept in the Member's account to be used on subsequent shipments, or credited when subscription duration ends.

How will my treasure box arrive?
Your items will be securely wrapped for travel.  USPS Priority Mail and FedEx Ground are our two primary carriers and services. 
Our experienced and meticulous shipping staff has methods for protecting breakables as well as making the opening of your treasure box and discovery of its contents a delightful experience. 


What about quality and condition?
All items in your Treasure Box(es) will be of the highest vintage quality and pre-owned/used condition.  We want you to be thrilled with the items you receive and eager to display and use them. 

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