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Vintage Treasures Boxes

from A Vintage Addiction

All of our Treasure Box

themes are available today. 

Selections may be limited,

or unavailable, as the

holidays near.

What Treasure Box themes are available?

Our Specialty Curated* *Box Themes:

                    Vintage Barware

                    Vintage Cookbooks

                    A Vintage 1950s Collection

                    A Vintage 1960s Collection

                    A Vintage 1970s Collection

                    A Vintage 1980s Collection

                    Christmas - Vintage Retro

                                           1950s and 1960s

                    Christmas - Vintage Modern

                                           1970s - 1990s

                    Christmas - Religious

                    Birthday Box

                    Gift Subscriptions

Non-Curated*** Specialty Box Themes:

                    Vintage Toys and Games

                    Vintage Costume Jewelry 

                    Vintage Record Albums

                    Vintage Sewing Patterns & Notions

                    Mystery Box - Mid-Century


                    Mystery Box - Vintage Modern

                                            1970s - 1990s

                    Vintage Record Albums

                    Spring Home and Garden

                    Summer Home and Garden

                    Fall Home and Garden

                    Winter Home and Garden (not                                   Christmas)

                    Sampler Boxes

*Personally Curated Boxes are designed based on the buyers Personal Preference Profile

** Curated Boxes are designed so the items display together beautifully with each having something (color, pattern, era, use) in common with the others.

**Non-Curated Boxes are designed with a variety of eras, colors, styles, types, and uses. While each item is hand-selected for the buyer, non-curated boxes contain items that create an eclectic display.

  • Each theme is available in a Large or Small box. 

  • Our Standard Boxes may be purchased as a subscription or as a one-time purchase.

  • Our Specialty Boxes are available first to subscribers as package inclusions or special offers. 

  • Upon availability, Specialty Boxes may be purchased as a one-time buy.

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