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May 19, 2019

What is the common factor in these photos?

Disrespect for the flag

of the United States of America

Cities and towns all across America will be hosting Patriotic holiday parades from Memorial  Day in May through Labor Day in September. A patriotic holiday parade is officially opened by the Grand Marshall. 

Follow the Marshall is the Honor Guard presenting the flags.
Let's take a minute to review the protocol when the Colors are presented. Whether at a meeting, game ceremony, or parade,

DO THIS.                   Teach your children.

                                    Teach others by example

Stand. Remove your hat. Be still and silent. Place your right hand over your heart. Pay mindful respect. Stay standing until the flags have passed, been posted, or until told you may sit.  This protocol applies to performances of The Star Spangled Banner too. 


And, these two patriots had to be included!

Read more about Flag Etiquette, respect, my adoration of veterans, and why I cry during parades.
Have a blessed Memorial Day.

The Mother’s Day Menus and Recipes pages were the most viewed last week. Take a look if you missed them.  Our most view item last week is our red metal Marcelline Stoyke bbq tray. There is still time to get a hefty discount on it. Read on...


The Vintage Addiction Weekly

News and Information About All Things Vintage

Published Weekly by Terri Spring

for www.

May 10, 2019


News from the A Vintage Addiction home office reveals that Grammarly reported to yours truly that I was among their top writers in productivity and accuracy last week. I wrote a lot. At last, the recognition I deserve for using punctuation,


I completed the product holds and layaway information.  It is published under the Home Page.  Basically, I’ll hold items on this site, for a week or so, but it is not feasible to remove them from the nine other sites where I have items listed.


The layaway plan is for items over $50 with 20% down and four 20% monthly payments. That length of time works well for us and for buyers because the Countdown to Christmas clock on our home page shows there are 229 days until Christmas.  


The gift card program is up and running.

Cards can be purchased from $10 - $100

and redeemed over 12 months.

Today is the last day to subscribe to A Vintage Addiction and receive a 50% off

coupon code for May 10 - 12.  With free shipping, this sweet deal should keep

Mikebusy packing orders all weekend.  Of course, you may subscribe any time to receive a subscriber discount code, plus be notified of special deals like this,


While Mike is packing orders I am going to continue to do what I love best, researching and writing about vintage treasures.   I am serious about including provenance whenever I can.  It is a service I value, passing on why a piece is special. Too many sellers overtook this important inclusion and disserve their customers. 

This week I found an interesting

relationship between Hasko trays

from the 1940s and Charles Limburgs

Atlantic Flight in The Spirit of St, Louis

in 1927.   




In the meantime, we will be Road Trippin' only as far as our back yard.   The weather has been perfect, just under 100, so we’ll enjoy it before the 110+ temps get here in a couple of weeks.  If you are in a cool climate you may enjoy a laugh when you view the weather report on our home page titled "Here's How Heavy We're Sweatin' in it Yuma Today"  But then again, I wear shorts and flip flops all winter. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  A special hug to those missing their own mothers and/or their children gone too soon.  And a huge Thank You to those women who help fill their unfillable places in our hearts and homes.


And,  learned quite a bit about Sarsaparilla, but not what I wanted to learn.  I'll schedule a Road Trippin' with the Springs trip to Tombstone, Arizona (Wyatt Earp country) to try some of this old-time soda.

The Vintage Addiction Weekly

News and Information About All Things Vintage

Published Weekly by Terri Spring

for www.

May 1, 2019

The news at A Vintage Addiction this week is that no cooking was done, no one was fed.  When Terri works on publishing menus and recipes, or whatever engages her mind and time,  the guys are on their own.  Mike ate a lot of sandwiches. David ate a lot of scrambled eggs.  No one is worse for the wear.

Puppy Bella demanded her meals and treats by staying at Terri's side and nipping at her ankles when she wanted a belly rub (a Bella-Belly) or her bowl filled. 

In spite of maternal and spousal neglect, the Mother's Day Menus and Recipes are published.  There is a crazy amount of delicious food opportunities here. The menus and recipes are PDF printable so catch them while they are posted and cook from them as you can. 


Make sure you subscribe to our email list before May 1oth.  I will offer a 'Can't Pass on This Deal' coupon to all subscribers


In the meantime, I am working up some specials for Father's Day. Think deals on outdoor entertaining and BBQ recipes.

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