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June 22,  2019

We are pleased to announce BELLA as our guest writer this week. 

As a 6-month old puppy, Bella is unpaid staff without a job title at A Vintage Addiction. She has a different take on the happenings here than the Owner and Inventory Manager have. 

photo of a cute puppy with a lazy ear,. Photo of an australian shepherd puppy. photo of a dog who wrote a blog.  picture of the dog blog. photo of Bella. photo of A Vintage Addiction website dog Bella, guest writer, Picture of a dog who wrote a story about being spayed.

Ciao, I am Bella. I am an Australian Shepherd /Boxer puppy.

That means my Italian name is accurate. I am a bellissima.  A beautiful girl.

Also, I am possibly the only dog in Yuma who can disobey commands in both English and Italian.

In this picture I am 2 months old. I am a lot cuter and smarter now that I am 6 months old and still have my lazy ear.


My favorite thing is going for a ride in the car. I'll go anywhere.

Well, maybe not anywhere... On Monday morning, uncharacteristically for 
Terri - which should have tipped me off right away - I was called for a 'let's go bye-bye to the vet'. I had overheard that girl dogs go to the vet to 'play' while boy dogs go to get 'tutored'.  So, I took my position in the back seat and kept my head out the window while we cruised 32nd St. to County 4E.  It was a hoax I tell you. A hoax!

Several hours later I woke up with my tummy shaved, a sore spot, a crotch tattoo, and some of my innards missing. There was no playing with the other girl dogs. And no book learning for the boy dogs either. 

THEN, when I got home and settled on the sofa I'm not supposed to lay on, they tried to put a lampshade thingy over my head. I had nothing to to do with that. 

Grandma (Terri) said let's try what we saw on the internet. Grandpa (Mike) said he'd be right back - he was going to buy me a pool noodle. Cool.  I love pool toys. 

When he came home with a pink noodle, best for my brunette and gray coat, David started to cut it up.  What the heck?  They strung the pieces like beads and tied it around my neck.  

I'm I've been wearing my "double strand of pink pearls" all week.  There have been discussions about taking them off me soon.  I like them and they add to the sympathy factor when I beg for snacks, so I am not overly eager to get them off.  

I was 'hired' to write about the happenings at A Vintage Addiction this week.  One word.  BOXES.  Boxes Everywhere. Curations. Curations everywhere.  Curated Boxes Everywhere. 


Terri launched her new product line last Saturday - Personally Curated Vintage Treasure Boxes.  Always an overachiever, she has 66 types of boxes available (so far).  Wow. Sixty- Six.  That is impressive. You can view the box types here.

I am supposed to make sure you know about the promotional offers (can't she just say 'Sale'?) on the boxes. 

With any of the subscription plans, there are too many inclusions for me to list. Especially the 12-month subscription. Then, she added three free boxes to the deal.  I'm surprised she hasn't added my collar and tags as the best bonus ever. Even without my collar and red heart 'Bella' tag,  she has the most unique, most valuable and most quantity and quality bonuses of any subscription box.  Check out the box inclusions here:

She told Mike something about the immediate success of the Vintage  Jewelry Boxes and the Vintage Christmas Boxes. 


So, she's leaving me home with 'the boys' for five days while she takes off to Northern California.  To Shop. And to dote on those granddaughters she is so crazy fond of. They're cute, but do they have stripes?

Finally, make sure you read her latest blog.  She gets bummed when you don't.  She likes her humor appreciated.  So do I. 


I am pretty sure I am funnier. What do you think?  Me or her.  If you think my words are hysterical, vote for me.

Read her blog "Poor Man's Silver".

If you think the ending is funny, give her a vote. Give her a sympathy vote if you think she really needs a vacation.


Vote with your comment at the bottom of any page.  Write "Bella".

If I win I get a day at the river.  If she wins I'll let her keep my sticks. 

Photograph of a puppy playing in the Colorado River in Yuma, AZ. Photpicture of a dog using pool noodle neckace as a cone. Picture of a puppy who wrote a blog about being spayed. Picture of A Vintage Addiction's dog Bella.  Photo of a puppy with a river stick. Playing in the warm Colorado River i.of a


June 2019 - Already a Month

of Incredible Blessings

              Far better than expected medical results for a family member  and for two dear friends 

A job offer received and accepted

               Safe travels for vacationing friends and family.

Mild weather - just abound 100 daily.

                         Improvement of puppy Bella's overall training.


A few moments of good communication between me and Kid2 - who was not at all bothered by his childhood exposed in last week's blog, but in fact, a bit pleased that he 'starred' '' in it. 

Good times reflecting on three generations of childhood summers and the realization that as things change they also stay the same. Don't miss the blog - "It's the 89 Days In Between Summer and Fall That Are the Problem".      


Good news regarding financial aid for David's last semester of college and expected graduation date in mid-December. 


               My 18-month cancer follow-up tests show no signs of                                recurrance!

A baby girl will join our extended family in September.

                     Plans for our grandaughter's visit in July are underway.

                     At age 3 and 6, this will be the first time they've stayed with                      us in Arizona without their parents.

Beautiful things happening on the websites and in the webstores.  New store names, improved graphics, and more provenance details to share the incredibly resilient pasts of many magnificent treasures.  There is an abundance of vintage products ready to hit the 'shelves' of A Vintage Addiction's store sections.

A quick video highlighting some deals this June. Save 15% with Coupon Code 'Video15'.  And, always, free domestic shipping. 

The Vintage Addiction Weekly

News and Information About All Things Vintage

Published Weekly by Terri Spring

for www.

June 6, 2019

And, a repeat of this one since it is my all-time favorite!

Here's to hoping your month of

June is as blessed!

I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you...My BIG Announcement plans are on track for June 15. 

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