Layaway is available on an item (or multiple items) with a purchase total of at least $50.00.


20%  deposit is required to initiate a layaway.

The deposit is Non-refundable up too $20.00.


Payments of twenty percent 20% of the balance are required every 30 days during the layaway period.


Ten percent (10%) of the payment due will be added to the balance due to close the layaway if payment is not received within seven (7) days of the due date.

Additional increments of 1o% will be assessed on the first day of every seven (7) days the payment is overdue. 


The seller may cancel the layaway should payment be fourteen (14) days late.

The seller reserves the right to withhold up to $20.00 of the down payment plus any late fees due. 

The buyer may request in writing to the seller cancellation of the layaway if the payment balance is less than 25% of the total. 

Layaways with completed payments of 75% or more will be considered final and may not be canceled by the buyer. 


A layaway consisting of more than one item is considered one sale. 

Items will be shipped together upon receipt of final payment, no partial shipments.

Incomplete layaways without buyer contact over 30 days will be considered abandoned merchandise. 

The seller may use or dispose of abandoned merchandise as deem fit with no refund obligation to the buyer. 

Buyers entering into a Layaway contract with A Vintage Addiction must agree to these terms.  Any payment made will constitute agreement. 





Requests for items to be held will be

considered on an individual basis. 

Considerations for hold will include the length of time requested, value of the item, sellers opinion of sales potential on another site, whether a seasonal item is in or out of season.

The item(s) will be reserved on this website and may or may not continue to be available on other sales platforms.



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