A Bark from Bella
An Australian Shepherd's take on

happenings at A Vintage Addiction

Dictated by Bella

Interpreted and Written by

Bella's 'Mom', Terri 

March 1, 2020

A Vintage Addiction Secret Revealed


A Vintage Addiction

Secret Revealed

Hey there, it’s Bella again. 

Well, it turns out I am not the only dog at A Vintage Addiction.  A surprise to me, Mom has other dogs. 

How did I discover that I am not her one and only?  I happened to be in our office when an order came in for a dog figurine.  Here at A Vintage Addiction, we respond to orders immediately so a bustle of activity ensued.  While Mom was wrapping the little dog she said to me, “Bella, this pup has a lazy ear just like you do.”

I gave her my best "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?” look while I focused on my mantra, Sono unico e del tutto adorabile”.  In Italian, that means, “I am unique and entirely  adorable.”

Imagine my surprise to find out that dog had been just steps away from where I sleep. Granted, he was porcelain and packed in a shipping box, but whoa, another dog.  

Wondering if other secrets were being kept from me,  I searched each of Mom’s websites.  Flabbergasted, I found many dogs. Stuffed animals. Figurines. Ornaments.  Books about dogs. Coffee mugs. A canister with that pesky Toto and his people. Toys! Squeaky ones and roly-poly toddler toys.  And, the ultimate insult, a cookie jar she wrote would be good for dog treats.  

This just can’t be.  Everything ‘dog’ must get sold.  Now. 
I cannot spend the last days of winter among them. Every dog item needs a new home by Spring. 

Please take a look.  Tweet, Instagram, link them in and pin them. Email this to a friend. Share on Facebook.  Help me re-establish my position as the one and only.

By the way, did you know that if you Google “blog lazy ear dog Bella ” my picture shows up on the second line of Google Images!  I am trending and an influencer and I didn’t even know it. Try it. Then, click the link.  Doing so may bump me to the #1 spot where I belong.

Addio per ora (goodbye for now)
Bella -
The Dog With a Blog

And, the only dog in the desert southwest who can disobey in both English and Italian.

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