San Francisco Clam Chowder Sourdough Bread Bowl

Serves 4

Prep Time 20 minutes

Cooking TIme 40 minutes

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  • 10 oz canned clams, chopped

  • 3 cups of bottled clam juice

  • 2-3 slices of bacon, diced

  • 1 onion, diced

  • 3 medium-sized Yukon gold potatoes (about 1 lb), peeled and diced into 1-inch cubes

  • 2 cups heavy cream

  • 1 cup half and half

  • 1/4 cup cooking sherry

  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme leaves (1/2 teaspoon dried)

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 1/2-1 teaspoon salt (to taste)

  • Black pepper, to taste

  • A few dashes of Worcestershire sauce, to taste

  • A few dashes of Tabasco, to taste

  • 4 sourdough bread bowls


  1. Saute diced bacon in a heavy bottom stockpot, or dutch oven, stirring often, until browned.

  2. Add diced onion to the bacon and saute until onions become translucent.

  3. Add flour to onion and bacon mixture and mix until well-coated.

  4. Add clam juice to the mixture and stir to dissolve the flour. Allow mixture to come to a boil for approximately 5 minutes. The mixture should become slightly thickened, approximately the same thickness as cream. If it is too thick, add additional water.

  5. Add thyme and bay leaf to stock.

  6. Add chopped potatoes and simmer, covered, for approximately 15 minutes or until potatoes are fork-tender.

  7. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, bring cream and half-and-half to a simmer. Add clams and cook for about 5-8 minutes.

  8. Once potatoes are fully cooked, combine with cream and clam mixture.

  9. Bring entire soup to simmer for about 1-2 minutes.

  10. Add sherry, salt, pepper, Worcestershire, and Tabasco to taste.

  11. Ladle into heated sourdough bread bowls.

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