A Bark from Bella
An Australian Shepherd's take on

happenings at A Vintage Addiction

Dictated by Bella

Interpreted and Written by

Bella's 'mom', Terri Spring

My Mother Doesn’t Listen to Me!

March 9, 2020

Hi. This is Bella again.


As an influencer and trending on Google, I shouldn’t even have to bring this up. 


My people-mom is fluent in three languages.  Yet, something I wrote last week just didn’t get through to her. 

It was in English, with common words, subtle humor.  It was almost as if she wrote it herself.


If you didn’t read it (yet),  or have forgotten already,   

I wrote about how surprised I was to find out that she carries dog items - stuffed animals, figurines, pictures, coffee mugs, etc… on her websites.  Until I discovered this I thought I was her one and only dog. 


In my blog, I did not come right out and ask her to get rid of them, but it was implied.  Wasn’t it?

Well, today she added another dog to her sites.


I saw the words she typed, “This is the cutest dog ever.”


She said that about a vintage rubber toy dog!


It doesn’t even jump or spin. 


She studied the history of the dog’s designer and manufacturer. Has she ever questioned who my parents are? She doesn’t know which gave me my awesome stripes and cute overbite. 


She learned where the yellow rubber dog came from, how old it is and what it is worth.


Sure, she learned about Aussies in general, but all that did for me was get my diet restricted and give me a daily routine of chores and surveillance jobs to do. 

I suppose I’ll just have to stop being jealous of old porcelain, fabric, and plastic dogs.  


“ "Non sarò geloso delle cose del suo cane.” 

(I won't be jealous of her dog things.)  


Maybe I should let my tag line lay low for a while. 

Being "the only dog in the desert southwest who can disobey in both English and Italian"

isn’t going to get me a box of Chewy toys. 

This is me on Christmas morning.  They told me the toys came from Santa but I was in the office when mom bought them on Chewy.

Happy dog moms shop on Chewy. 

Chewy. Toys. Treats.

I love Chewy.

I love a Chewy box addressed to BELLA.

Addio per ora (goodbye for now)
Bella - The Dog With a Blog

March 1, 2020

A Vintage Addiction Secret Revealed


A Vintage Addiction

Secret Revealed

Hey there, it’s Bella again. 

Well, it turns out I am not the only dog at A Vintage Addiction.  A surprise to me, Mom has other dogs. 

How did I discover that I am not her one and only?  I happened to be in our office when an order came in for a dog figurine.  Here at A Vintage Addiction, we respond to orders immediately so a bustle of activity ensued.  While Mom was wrapping the little dog she said to me, “Bella, this pup has a lazy ear just like you do.”

I gave her my best "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?” look while I focused on my mantra, Sono unico e del tutto adorabile”.  In Italian, that means, “I am unique and entirely  adorable.”

Imagine my surprise to find out that dog had been just steps away from where I sleep. Granted, he was porcelain and packed in a shipping box, but whoa, another dog.  

Wondering if other secrets were being kept from me,  I searched each of Mom’s websites.  Flabbergasted, I found many dogs. Stuffed animals. Figurines. Ornaments.  Books about dogs. Coffee mugs. A canister with that pesky Toto and his people. Toys! Squeaky ones and roly-poly toddler toys.  And, the ultimate insult, a cookie jar she wrote would be good for dog treats.  

This just can’t be.  Everything ‘dog’ must get sold.  Now. 
I cannot spend the last days of winter among them. Every dog item needs a new home by Spring. 

Please take a look.  Tweet, Instagram, link them in and pin them. Email this to a friend. Share on Facebook.  Help me re-establish my position as the one and only.

By the way, did you know that if you Google “blog lazy ear dog Bella ” my picture shows up on the second line of Google Images!  I am trending and an influencer and I didn’t even know it. Try it. Then, click the link.  Doing so may bump me to the #1 spot where I belong.

Addio per ora (goodbye for now)
Bella -
The Dog With a Blog

And, the only dog in the desert southwest who can disobey in both English and Italian.

January, 2020

My Life as a Party Animal


My Life as a Party Animal

While I've heard grumblings from other canines that their December birthdays are frequently overlooked, combined with other events, or delayed, mine was timely, exclusive and spectacular.

I turned one year old on December 15th. It was more than a day of celebration, it was a week full, and then some.

Let me back up to early November when I first learned what a party is. 

My and David's friend, Gabe, had a month's leave from Okinawa, Japan, where he serves in the US Air Force.  He spent many of his days using our home as his vacay base. There was never a dull moment with many friends coming over to see him. 

One afternoon I knew something different was happening. The guys cleaned my backyard.  They set up outside chairs, made a fire pit, prepared the grill, filled ice chests, and tested the volume on the sound system. 


As people arrived, I greeted them enthusiastically and offered to let them scratch my belly.  When someone came with food, I led them where we were serving, hoping they would put their pot-luck contribution somewhat close to the edge of the table so all could reach.  I made friends by licking up spills that occurred while they ate ribs, carne asada, and nachos.  

I joined the dancing, showing off my tail-chasing spin and jump moves to the delight of the partygoers. 

I went to bed at 3 a.m. delighted with my new reputation as

"THE Party Animal". 

The next day I felt utterly exhausted as if I had chased my tail for miles and days.  


All I wanted was water.  Sleep. And belly rubs.

The following week was Thanksgiving.  The perfect way to wake a dog from her afternoon nap is with the smell of a roasting turkey and a house full of guests. I learned that it is our tradition to play raucous rounds of the game Tripoley after dinner. As I made my way around the room, pretending to search for crumbs, I peeked at the cards, trying to see who held the ace of hearts.   Then, there was pie.  Pie and whipped cream.  Whipped cream, oh my.

So, when my birthday arrived three weeks later, I was ready.  I wore an "It's My Birthday" scarf around my neck.  It was my usual grooming Friday, so Mom took treats for me to share with my dog friends at the salon. Dad grilled rib-eye steaks so I could feast on my favorite type of bone.

I received two new chew toys; a brown duck and a white cow, both with my favorite toy feature, squeakers.  

Well, the white cow used to have squeakers.  What can I say? I  am curious and have very sharp Australian Shepherd teeth. 

Christmas, by comparison, was rather quiet, even with two more new squeaker toys I pulled out of a red and gold stocking.  Each family member had tasks to complete before the grandchildren arrived on the following day.


The granddaughters, Meli, and Emi, are treated like royalty when they visit.  I was on my best behavior so that I could get the royal treatment by association. 


I did!   We spent more time at my Dog Park than their kid park.  

The party crowd from November returned for a New Year's Eve party.  This time I knew the routine, so I paced myself and did not wear out so thoroughly.  I was well recovered when all work and school routines resumed on January 6th.

Now, during the day, it is just me and mom.  We continue daily to study the Italian language together.  She is preparing for her trip to Italy in the fall. I am hoping to nap enough during 'class'  that I keep my ranking as, "The only dog in the desert Southwest who can disobey in both English and Italian."

Happy New Year, 


July 6,  2019

When Mom Shops Bella Chomps

Instead of writing, Bella expressed her feelings of abandonment by ripping the stuffing out of two of her beds.

With the guy's work schedules, we knew that Bella would be home alone for about three hours on two days.  We had no idea Bella would experience such separation anxiety. 

We'll be looking into options for Bella before our overnight road trip in August. It would be a shame if Mike stays home and Bella drives.

It is a bit surprising that Bella did not create the newsletter while I was away last week.  I have given her her own login and password, she can use Grammarly for spell check and punctuation,  and she certainly has ideas worth expressing.  So, I'll write this one. (Terri)

Other news at AVA is that I did some serious shopping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains last week. Just north of Yosemite National Park in California are many small communities - beautiful towns with wonderful restaurants and antique stores.  

I purchased a wonderful assortment of treasures for Treasure Box Members and many great items to add to the Glitz and Glam Boudoir on Etsy and here at A Vintage Addiction.  The three glass vanity table trays, the 1950s dolls still in their original box, the ring dishes, and the ceramic wall pockets are my favorites.  Oh, and the pewter tri-fold frame, the silver-plated jewelry box, the 1940s Valentine candy box, the earrings, the 1970s earring holders, the Lenox porcelain swan, the fancy cats, the crystal clock, the angel figurines, the Cinderella and Pumpkin Coach, the round rose box.....

View the photo gallery of all the 'new' items on our Facebook page.   Don't forget to 'Like' us!

June 22,  2019​

Introducing Bella - The Dog with a Blog

We are pleased to announce BELLA as our guest writer this week. 

As a 6-month old puppy, Bella is unpaid staff without a job title at A Vintage Addiction. She has a different take on the happenings here than the Owner and Inventory Manager have. 

Ciao, I am Bella. I am an Australian Shepherd /Boxer puppy.

That means my Italian name is accurate. I am a Bellissima.  A beautiful girl.

Also, I am possibly the only dog in Yuma who can disobey commands in both English and Italian.

In this picture, I am 2 months old. I am a lot cuter and smarter now that I am 6 months old and still have my lazy ear.


My favorite thing is going for a ride in the car. I'll go anywhere.

Well, maybe not anywhere... On Monday morning, uncharacteristically for 
Terri - which should have tipped me off right away - I was called for a 'let's go bye-bye to the vet'. I had overheard that girl dogs go to the vet to 'play' while boy dogs go to get 'tutored'.  So, I took my position in the back seat and kept my head out the window while we cruised 32nd St. to County 4E.  It was a hoax I tell you. A hoax!

Several hours later I woke up with my tummy shaved, a sore spot, a crotch tattoo, and some of my innards missing. There was no playing with the other girl dogs. And no book learning for the boy dogs either. 

THEN, when I got home and settled on the sofa I'm not supposed to lay on, they tried to put a lampshade thingy over my head. I had nothing to do with that. 

Grandma (Terri) said,l "Let's try what we saw on the internet ".  Grandpa (Mike) said he'd be right back - he was going to buy me a pool noodle. Cool.  I love pool toys. 

When he came home with a pink noodle, best for my brunette and gray coat, David started to cut it up.  What the heck?  They strung the pieces like beads and tied it around my neck. 

I'm I've been wearing my "double strand of pink pearls" all week.  There have been discussions about taking them off me soon.  I like them and they add to the sympathy factor when I beg for snacks, so I am not overly eager to get them off.  

I was 'hired' to write about the happenings at A Vintage Addiction this week.  One word.  BOXES.  Boxes Everywhere. Curations. Curations everywhere.  Curated Boxes Everywhere. 


Terri launched her new product line last Saturday - Personally Curated Vintage Treasure Boxes.  Always an overachiever, she has 66 types of boxes available (so far).  Wow. Sixty- Six.  That is impressive. You can view the box types here.

I am supposed to make sure you know about the promotional offers (can't she just say 'Sale'?) on the boxes. 

With any of the subscription plans, there are too many inclusions for me to list. Especially the 12-month subscription. Then, she added three free boxes to the deal.  I'm surprised she hasn't added my collar and tags as the best bonus ever. Even without my collar and red heart 'Bella' tag,  she has the most unique, most valuable and most quantity and quality bonuses of any subscription box.  Check out the box inclusions here:

She told Mike something about the immediate success of the Vintage  Jewelry Boxes and the Vintage Christmas Boxes. 


So, she's leaving me home with 'the boys' for five days while she takes off to Northern California.  To Shop. And to dote on those granddaughters she is so crazy fond of. They're cute, but do they have stripes?

Finally, make sure you read her latest blog.  She gets bummed when you don't.  She likes her humor appreciated.  So do I. 


I am pretty sure I am funnier. What do you think?  Me or her.  If you think my words are hysterical, vote for me.

Read her blog "Poor Man's Silver".

If you think the ending is funny, give her a vote. Give her a sympathy vote if you think she really needs a vacation.


Vote with your comment at the bottom of any page.  Write "Bella".

If I win I get a day at the river.  If she wins I'll let her keep my sticks. 

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